• Celotech is a famous producer of cellulose ethers. In the last 20 years we develop and produce Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), Hydroxyethyl methylcellulose (MHEC), Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and Hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) and Cellulose fiber. We supplying many markets around the world with our brand Celopro®,Celopre® & Celofiber®.


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    Strive for consistant quality on cellulose ethers. Our mission is to deliver reliable and stable cellulose ethers with effective cost to our customers all over the world.

    Celotech Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company that provides cellulosics and related services to many essential markets.

    With our products, Celotech serves customers in lots of countries and several industries, including drymix mortar, paint, pharmaceutical, food, personal care, home care, ceramics, agriculture and other special industries. In the meantime we constantly develop new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.

    Founded in 2005, Celotech Chemicals is a young company in this industry but growing fast and stably. Celotech Chemical has the production base in Dezhou, China with an annual production capacity of 40,000MT of MC (HPMC/HEMC) plus 5000 MT of HEC, 5000 tons of CMC (carboxymethylcellulose), with small capacity of Low substituted Hydroxy propyl cellulose. Two applications labs are located in Shandong and Suzhou in order to give technical services to export & domestic market. 8 people with technical backgroud and rich experiances are working in the lab. We're not only supplying products, we're also problem solving.


    In 2020, Celotech Chemical aquired the production plants of Cemo New Material Technology including it's construction chemicals business. And expanded the modified starch production capacity.


  • Featured Products

    We concentrate on water soluble polymers, like cellulose ethers, guar ethers. HPMC, HEMC and HEC are main products we're producing. We supply to global market various grades with different substitution degree, broad range of viscosities thus for different applications.

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    Hydroxy propyl Methyl cellulose

    hpmc,hydroxyethylcellulose,methylcellulose,cellulose ethers, hpmc manufacturers


    Methyl hydroxy ethyl cellulose

    hpmc,hydroxyethylcellulose,methylcellulose,cellulose ethers, hpmc manufacturers



    hpmc,hydroxyethylcellulose,methylcellulose,cellulose ethers, hpmc manufacturers


    Carboxymethyl cellulose 

  • Pursuing Excellence of Cellulosics



    From the beginning, we concentrate only on cellulose ether as the company name had indicated. Celotech serves customers in lots of countries and several industries. In the meantime we constantly develop new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.


    We have proven over the years our commitment to cellulose specialties by offering our customers products that not only enhance the quality of building products but also contribute to overall profitability thanks to strict cost control and efficiency.


    At Celotech, we understand the individual needs of our customers and this allow us to meet the needs individually, and we help to provide value-added services to improve their processes and products.

  • Application Industries

    Cellulose ethers are multi-functional products and they can be applied in several different industries.

    hpmc in skim coat, hpmc for wall putty, hpmc for plasters,hpmc for gypsum plasters,

    Drymix Mortar


    We offer modified and non-modified grades of both MHEC and HPMC. They are responsible for

    Water retention



    hydroxyethylcellulose in paint, hec for interior paint

    Paint & Coating


    The use of Celopro optimises the properties of coatings:

    Consistency for application

    Water retention

    Binding power

    Storage stability 

    hpmc for detergent, hpmc fo hand washing, liquid detergent,

    Home Care


    Very efficient thickener for liquid detergent, Celopro responsible for



    High compatibility

    guar ether for shampoo,hpmc for personal care,hpmc for cosmetics

    Personal Care


    A very important additive for personal care products. Celopro responsible for



    Foam stability

    Preserve moisture

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    Food & Beverages


    Good for food and beverages. They are working as




    Suspension agents

    Protective colloids

    Thickeners and film-forming agents

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    Cellulose excipients can make a valuable contribution to
    various areas of pharmaceutical technology.They are crucial additive for

    Tablet coating,


    Controlled release

  • Why work with Celotech

    Reliable + Innovative+ Consistent + Stable + Technical Support

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    60+ Countries

    and more...

    We serve customers from over 60 countries and regions.

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    15+ Years

    Start from 2005

    Supply globally since 2005 and stay in the market for more than 15 years

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    ISO Certified

    Consistent and Stable

    Quality management systems insure good quality, consistant qulity.

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    You can rely on our quality

    Rich experience on cellulose ethers production and it's applications

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