• Celopro

    Celopro is a brand of Celotech, Celopro is a series of cellulose ethers products for industrial use or non-regulated use,  such as building materials.

  • Application Industries

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    Building materials

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  • Package

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    Small bag

    Net weight 25kg

    We offer small bags with 25kg net weight.

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    Big Bag


    Big bags are also offered upon request

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    If no special request, all goods will be palletized and shrink-wrapped for safety, keep clean and easy handling during transportation.

  • Featured Products

    Celotech is one of the major suppliers of cellulose ethers, specialized in innovations and manufacturing of cellulose ethers for water-based paint, dry mortars, pharmaceuticals, food, personal care and other special industries.

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    Celopro MT4016

    Celopro MT4016 is a modified methylcellulose derivative that is ideal for ceramic tile adhesive use. MT4016 give enough open time, strong slip resistant and anti-sagging properties, good workability.

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    Celopro MT3025

    MT3025 is a specially modified MC for cement based or cement-lime based skim coat. It give good water retention and perfect workability to the formulation.

    It's an undeniable additive for skim coat formulation.

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    Celopro HHB70S

    Biostable and delayed soluble HEC, with high viscosity.


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    Celopro HHB30S

    Celopro HHB30S is a type of HEC with surface treatment and offered with biostable properties.


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    Celopro MT1004

    Celopro MT1004 is a grade we specially developed for self-leveling application. it give good water retention and suspension properties.

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    Celopro MT1502

    Celopro MT1502 give excellent stability over time and give enough open time to the craftsman. It can be applied in CTA, plaster, renders etc.

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