• Household&Detergent

    Celpro® celluloses are widely applied for the production of detergent powders and pastes in our daily necessities.

  • Overview

    HPMC can make washing liquid more viscous and the effect of washing more stable. Celopro is one of the essential additives in clothes and dish detergent. In the solution, Celopro functions as thickening agent and protects other ingredients against sedimentation.


    Celopro DK series are widely used by many detergent industry customers all over the world.

    The following properties of Celpro® are particularly significant for applications in detergent:

    · Thickening / adjustment of consistency

    · Stabilization

    · High compatibility with other raw materials, e.g. surfactants

    · Viscous formulas or gel cleaners are particularly useful for cleaning vertical surfaces. Gel cleaners also tend to be chosen for applications where the agent will be left to work for an extended period of time.

    · Thickening and adjusting the rheology of liquid, water-based cleaners with a pH of 4 to 11.

    All these properties allow manufacturers to achieve the desired look and a specific processing consistency for their cleaning agent.

  • Products for detergent

    product image
    Celopre H3H
    product image
    Celopre HH
    product image
    Celopro HHB70S
    product image
    Celopro DK702