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Self-leveling Compounds

Self-levelling compounds are used to smooth and level concrete and cement based screed surfaces. They can be used as an underlay for tiles and carpets. It is very important to have an even-surfaced floor when planning to place ceramic tiles or any other floorings because uneven surfaces cause tiles to crack. As a flowable, self-leveling and self-smoothing material, self-leveling compounds can produce a flat, smooth, and hard surface that has excellent compressive strength.   They are composed of cement, sands, fillers, and modified by a range of additives such as cellulose ethers, stabilizers, and redispersible powders. Cellulose ether is the most common additive.Although it is added in a low amount, it can significantly improve the performance of the mortar. It can improve the consistency, workability, bonding performance and water retention performance of the mortar. It plays a very important role in the field of ready-mixed mortar.

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They are used in self-leveling compounds to enhance their processing and final product performances. We can adjust the ingredients according to customers’ requirements.

The addition of our products can enhance the following properties in self-levelling compounds applications:

  • Extend the setting time
  • Improve hydrophobicity
  • Increase thickness and adhesion
  • Improve workability and water retention

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