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Hydroxypropyl Guar (HPG)

Guar gum is a galactomannan extracted from guar beans. Thickening effect; Because of its stability, it is widely used in food, feed and industry. Hydroxypropyl guar gum, also known as HPG, is formed by the etherification reaction of non-ionic propylene oxide reagent and guar gum. After modified guar gum, its basic stability, hydrophobicity, solubility, biological stability and other properties have been significantly improved。Hydroxypropyl guar gum (HPG) is a modifier of guar gum with good properties such as alkaline stability, hydrophobicity, solubility and biological stability. Due to its good water retention properties, it has been widely used in construction.

HPG Typical Property:

Good Workability:Guar gum ether shows a pseudoplastic rheological behavior: At low shear rate values, guar and cellulose are very close to each other, while, at high shear rate values, the viscosity of a solution of guar decreases more significantly. This lower viscosity gives the wet mortar good workability and a smooth surface. Thus, guar improves the adhesion and the wet system's stability without negatively influencing neither its consistency nor its water retention and showing excellent workability and a perfect finish.

Water Retention:Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum has excellent water retention properties due to adequate molar substitution. Water retention is considered the most important parameter in the construction application and helps in the binder's better setting. It also reduces the effect of plastic shrinking.

Consistency:Guar ether improves the consistency of the mortar. This avoids the sagging of plaster and improves the resistance to tile sagging when applied on vertical walls.



Gypsum plaster: adding HPG in gypsum plaster can improve the setting time of gypsum; Opening time of mixture ensures good workability. With the help of hand plastering, a smooth surface can be obtained.

Dry cement-based wall putty :HPG has good compatibility with different components and is the first choice of dry cement-based wall putty. It does not form any caking and has good water retention. The final mixture with modified guar powder has good adhesion and finish

Tile Adhesives: The addition of HPG increases the strength of the adhesive, improving the open time and the adjustable time of the final mix. Processability has also been improved, and it also ensures that the mixture is easy to apply.

Waterborne coatings: HPG is a rheology modifier and an important coating additive. When painted with a roller, it provides adequate viscosity and prevents splashing.

Other applications: Textile industry, Paper industry, Explosives industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics and toiletries industries,  Personal Care 

Guarmer is a brand name of the product that Celotech developed and produced. It is hydroxypropylated galactomannan, a derivative of guar, an annual plant that grows in semi-arid areas. The common chemical description is Hydroxy Propyl Guar (HPG) or some time name as guar ether. If you are interested in our products,please send us email  by or link our company website: click