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Guar Gum for Paper Making

Guar Gum and its derivatives are widely used in various industries as per its needs. Apart from the food, animal feed, farming, horticulture, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, guar extracts play an important role in the petrochemical, textile, mining and construction, forestry and paper production industries.

For the past few decades, guar gum powder is used as a substance in multiple industries as it gets easily blended with its ingredients. Moreover, the benefit of guar gum in paper industries can be obtained as it provides sleek and bump-free flat surface papers. The binding of guar powder with paper industry ingredients is the major reason for the success of obtaining a quality paper. The natural fiber present in guar gum is used in papermaking because it gives strength & durability to paper. In addition, there are other properties in guar powder extract that aids in the flexibility of the paper quality.

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Functional role of guar gum

Guar gum powder achieves seamless adhesion of ingredients by creating a gel effect that allows other ingredients to stick to each other rather than separate from each other. This is essential for creating high-quality papers.

The yield of paper can be increased by adding a small amount of guar gum powder to the pulp. This agrochemical is able to form hydrogen bonds with water molecules, which activates the binding properties and transforms the powder into a sticky and sticky surface. This unique aspect makes guar an important commodity for the paper industry.

The thickening properties of guar gum powder are much better than other alternatives, benefiting the quality of flat materials and paper, as their application often results in a stiff and healthy surface. This happens with thickening due to improved adhesion, the resulting paper breaks and folds better

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