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Guar Gum in Pharmaceutical industry-HPG

Natural polymers are an attractive class of eco-friendly and biodegradable polymers because they are readily available, obtained from natural sources, inexpensive and can be chemically modified by using suitable reagents. Guar gum is a natural polymer with potential applications in pharmaceutical formulations due to its unique chemical properties and non-toxicity. It can be modified to suit the needs of the pharmaceutical and biomedical engineering fields. It is widely used as a rate-controlling excipient for designing novel drug delivery systems. Through the reported literature, in this review article, we describe key aspects of guar gum, its manufacturing process, physicochemical properties, and applications in various drug delivery systems.

Pharmaceutical grade guar gum powder is used very frequently in drug microencapsulation. Tablet manufacturing is a critical part of the pharmaceutical industry. In their production, guar gum is both a binder and a disintegrant, which forces the tablet to break down when it comes in contact with moisture and exert its medicinal effect. Guar gum also thickens and stabilizes the tablet structure by enhancing the cohesion of drug powders used in tablet manufacturing, and as a binder, when added to tablet formulations, guar gum guarantees a finished product Pills remain intact after compression.

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