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Fuctional Role of Cellulose Ether in Gypsum Hand Plaster

Gypsum based hand plasters are used for smaller areas as well as during renovation. They are stirred either by hand or with a machine and applied manually, usually with a trowel. Gypsum based hand or bonding plasters are less delayed than gypsum based machine plasters.

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Gypsum after harmless treatment, does not contain soluble pollutants, inorganic gel materials, additives are environmental protection products, light gypsum made of gypsum does not release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, green environmental protection, safe and assured.

Using Celopro® MC construction grades guarantees the necessary water retention, workability and sag resistance. 

  • Good consistency and workability
  • Good spreadability
  • Good sag resistance.
  • Reduced lump formulation
  • Strong compatibility
  • Good anti-droop performance

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