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Gypsum Joint Compound 

The cellulose ether is a polymer compound having an ether structure made of cellulose, and each glucosyl ring in the cellulose macromolecule contains three hydroxyl groups, a primary hydroxyl group on the sixth carbon atom, and a second or three carbon atoms. The secondary hydroxyl group, the hydrogen in the hydroxyl group is substituted with a hydrocarbon group to form a cellulose ether derivative. After etherification, cellulose can dissolve in water, dilute alkali solution and organic solvent, and has thermoplasticity. For more than 60 years, these products have played a significant role in a host of applications, from construction products, ceramics, and paints to foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

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Gypsum based jointing compounds are used for filling the joints between gypsum plasterboards or gypsum fibre boards. Gypsum based jointing compounds can only be used for interior applications. Setting times vary considerably depending on the geographical region and application.


Celopro Grades                  Product Characteristic

Celopro MK10M FP          Final consistency : low

Celopro MK30M FP          Final consistency : moderate

Celopro MT4016         Final consistency : moderate

Celopro MT2022          Final consistency : highharacteristic

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