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Application of Cellulose Ether in Toothpaste Industry

In the field of toothpaste, soap, emulsion, cream and other daily chemical products, cellulose ether can be used as thickener, dispersant, binder and stabilizer, and can increase the product density, lubrication and mercerization appearance.Thickening agent also known as adhesive, adhesive, can make toothpaste to form a stable colloid, not easy to disperse and precipitation. The main function of a humectant is to retain moisture in the toothpaste and to keep the toothpaste flowing. Foaming agent, also known as surfactant, can reduce the surface tension of liquid, and has good wetting, emulsifying and washing effects.

The most important group of products in the field of oral/dental hygiene is toothpastes. There is a multitude of different products which orient themselves towards specific target groups (children, adolescents, adults) or specific indications e.g. sensitive teeth and gums.


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 Celopre®  cellulose ether is mainly used as a thickener, humectant, and foaming agent in toothpaste.The use of medium viscosity Celopre® is recommended as a thickener and binder. With the help of Celopre® types, the consistency for the filling of the tubes, as well as the final consistency, can be optimally adjusted. Furthermore, the Celopre® types demonstrate good compatibility with many of the ingredients which are used, such as surfactants and humectants. Due to their non-ionic character, they are especially compatible with cationic anti-bacterial active ingredients, such as ammonium compounds and the commonly used caries prophylaxis amino fluoride. 

Celopro Grades 

Celopre CH250       .........  Fact Sheet 

Celopre CH270         .........  Fact Sheet       

Celopre CH360         ........  Fact Sheet   

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