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Cellulose Ether

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The cellulose ether is a polymer compound having an ether structure made of cellulose, and each glucosyl ring in the cellulose macromolecule contains three hydroxyl groups, a primary hydroxyl group on the sixth carbon atom, and a second or three carbon atoms. The secondary hydroxyl group, the hydrogen in the hydroxyl group is substituted with a hydrocarbon group to form a cellulose ether derivative. After etherification, cellulose can dissolve in water, dilute alkali solution and organic solvent, and has thermoplasticity. For more than 60 years, these products have played a significant role in a host of applications, from construction products, ceramics, and paints to foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

In the field of  emulsion, soap,  cream and other daily chemical products, cellulose ether can be used as thickener, dispersant, binder and stabilizer, and can increase the product density, lubrication and mercerization appearance.Thickening agent ,also known as adhesive, can make emulsion to form a stable colloid, not easy to disperse and precipitation. The main function of a humectant is to retain moisture in the emulsion and to keep the emulsion flowing. 


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Sun Care products (Sunscreens) are available as lotion, spray or gel. They absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Sunscreens contain an organical chemical compound which absorbs UV light and/or inorganic particules which reflect, scatter and absorb UV light. 

The use of Celopre® adjusts the viscosity and stabilises the emulsion system. Additionally, the film forming properties of Celopre® support the uniform deposition of the UV absorbers.

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