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The Application of Cellulose Ether in Tablet Coating

Cellulose probably is the most abundant organic compound in the world which mostly produced by plants. It is the most structural component in herbal cells and tissues. Cellulose is a natural long chain polymer that plays an important role in human food cycle indirectly. This polymer has versatile uses in many industries such as veterinary foods, wood and paper, fibers and clothes, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as excipient. Cellulose has very semi-synthetic derivatives which is extensively used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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Celopre Cellulose ethers form strong films with good adhesion. They can provide taste-masking qualities and act as barriers for water-sensitive drugs or components. Celopre cellulose ethers increase compressive strength and reduce friability yet they increase overall tablet size by only 1-3 mm. Coatings containing Celopre cellulose ethers can be applied in one pan, shortening coating time, reducing skilled operator requirements, and permitting the use of automated coating systems.

Celopro Grades              Product Characteristic

Celopre ME4                    Final consistency : moderate

Celopre ME5                    Final consistency : moderate

Celopre ME6                    Final consistency : moderate

Celopre ME15                  Final consistency : moderate


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