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 The Application of Cellulose Ether in Capsule/Tablet Coating-HPMC/MC


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Cellulose probably is the most abundant organic compound in the world which mostly produced by plants. It is the most structural component in herbal cells and tissues. Cellulose is a natural long chain polymer that plays an important role in human food cycle indirectly. This polymer has versatile uses in many industries such as veterinary foods, wood and paper, fibers and clothes, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as excipient. Cellulose has very semi-synthetic derivatives which is extensively used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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 Hydroxpropyl Methylcellulose HPMC

Hypromellose is a multifunctional medicinal adjuvant, which can be used as thickener, dispersant, emulsifier and film-forming agent. As a film coating, adhesive, etc. in oral solid preparations, it can significantly improve the stability and dissolution of the drug, and can enhance the water resistance of tablets. It is one of the raw materials for making plant capsules. It can also be used as a suspending agent in suspensions, as a matrix material in ophthalmic preparations, as a matrix material in hydrophilic gel matrix sustained-release tablets and gastric floating tablets.

Methylcellulose MC

Methylcellulose In the pharmaceutical industry, low- or medium-viscosity methylcellulose can be used as a binder for tablets and can also be used for tablet coating. High-viscosity methylcellulose can be used to disintegrate or as a backbone material for sustained release formulations. Methyl cellulose with high degree of substitution and low viscosity can be used in aqueous coatings, as well as suspending agents, thickeners, emulsion stabilizers, and protective colloids. Highly substituted, high-viscosity methylcellulose can be used in eye drops or as a base material for creams or gels.

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