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 The 16th China Mortar Summit Forum held in zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province from December 12 to 14, 2020. The theme of the meeting is "Break the game---for a better five years". More than 1000 people attended the meeting, which is also the annual meeting of mortar industry this year. The meeting was grand and successful.

The new formula more suitable for mortar system was put forward by Suzhou Celotech company at the meeting. The formula was improved on the original basis, which greatly improved the construction performance.

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Celotech Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company that provides cellulosics and related services to many essential markets.With our product, Celotech serves customers in lots of countries and several industries, including construction, paint, pharmaceutical, food, personal care and other special industries. In the meantime we constantly develop new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers. Founded in 2005, Celotech Chemicals is a young company but growing fast. Celotech has the production base in Shandong, China with an annual production capacity of 15,000MT of MC (HPMC/MHEC) plus 5000 MT of HEC.

About Products

We concentrate on cellulose ethers and HPMC, MHEC and HEC are main products we're producing. We supply to global market various grades with different substitution degree, broad range of viscosities thus for different applications.It owns CELOPRO and CELOPRE sub-brands.

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