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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) in Oil Driling

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is widely used in many industrial fields for its excellent thickening, suspension, dispersion and water retention properties. In the oil field in particular, HEC has been used in drilling, completions, workovers, and fracturing processes, primarily as a thickener in brine, as well as many other specific applications.

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Also, Celopro Cellulose ethers is used in hydraulic fracturing processes and it is an effective fluid-loss additive in well cements. Celopro HEC is compatible with most additives such as biocides, antifoaming agents, oxygen scavengers, fluid loss control additives and retarders. As a naturally derived polymer, it is easily biodegradable.

Borehole cementing takes place during exploration as well as during stimulation. By special procedures the fresh cement as a slurry is pressed into the annulus of the well. The cured cement seals and strengthens the gap between the piping and the rock. This process improves the production of crude oil or natural gas by cemented piping.

During the exploration and stimulation process steps of crude oil/natural gas, special fluids are used during production, workover and stimulation of the production wells and producing horizons. Celopro® grades with high thickening effect, high pseudoplasticity, easy initial mixing by adequate delayed solubility and good dissolving behavior in the field are recommended. In completion and workover fluids, saturated saline solutions or brines are used. Celopro® types with a medium to high level of viscosity will give the required consistency of these fluids.

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