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Cellulose Ether in Home care


Cellulose ether are primarily used as polymeric surfactants, thickeners in liquid formulations, and as binders in solid and semi-solid products.

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Advantages and functions: 

Good dispersion in cold water

Excellent and uniform surface treatment, can be quickly dispersed in cold water, avoid agglomeration and uneven dissolution, and finally get uniform solution.
Good thickening effect
The desired solution concentration can be obtained by adding a small amount of cellulose ether. It is effective for systems where other thickeners are difficult to thicken.

Good compatibility and system stability
It is a non-ionic material that works well with other additives and does not react with ionic additives to keep the system stable.

Good emulsification and foam stabilityIt has high surface activity and can provide a solution with good emulsifying effect. At the same time, the bubble in the solution can be kept stable, so that the solution has good application performance.

High transmissionCellulose ether from the raw material to the production process has been specially optimized, with excellent light transmittance, transparent and transparent solution