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Guar Gum for Textile Industry

Guar Gum and its derivatives are widely used in various industries as per its needs. It is used in industries such as food, animal feed, textile, pharmaceuticals, personal care, health care, nutrition, cosmetics, paper, explosives, mining and oil drilling

Guar Gum is also called guaran and is extracted from guar beans. It is comparatively more cost-effective and has diverse applications.It is perfect for the textile industry since it has a perfect film forming and thickening property. One of the main benefits of using it is that it reduces wrap breakage and is highly efficient. The fact that it absorbs water very fast makes it vital to prevent ink from spreading all over the clothes.

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Typical Property

  • Thickening
  • Consistency
  • Water Retention
  • High temperature resistance
  • It reduces warp breakage, reduces dusting while sizing and gives better efficiency in production.
  • Guar Gum gives excellent film forming and thickening properties when used for textile sizing, finishing and printing

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