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Cellulose Ether for Hair Colour- HPMC / HEC

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Cellulose ether is a non-ionic water-soluble polymer that thickens, binds, forms a thin coating, emulsifies, stabilizes, disperses, retains water and provides a protective colloid. It is a rheological modifier derived from cellulose, a compound found in plant cell walls. It dissolves easily in water and forms liquids of various viscosity. Due to its colloidal action,cellulose etheris used in gels, sols, and lotions and is therefore widely used in beauty products and personal care products. It is used to make clear gels and the aqueous phase of thickening cosmetic lotions.

Hair colouring can be divided into two main types, permanent and semi-permanent. Permanent hair colouring is achieved through the use of oxidation dyes. The process is typically performed under basic conditions. Ammonia opens the hair shaft pores so that the dye can bond with the hair. Semi-permanent hair dye only penetrates the hair shaft and therefore will be washed out after repeated washing.

Because of their high compatibility with a variety of hair dyes, low viscosity Celopre® H grades can stabilise the suspension of dyes in the formulation and adjust the application viscosity of the hair colours.

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