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Application of Cellulose Ether in Block laying adhesive HPMC/MEHC

Aerated concrete block adhesives are used to build walls made from aerated concrete blocks, particularly polished lime sand bricks or clinkers. Constructing such walls creates only small joints so the progress of construction work is faster and more efficient with this modern adhesion technology.It is used for laying bricks, stones and stones. It has the functions of bonding, buffering and transferring, and is an important part of masonry. Cement-based mortar is usually used in masonry in damp environment or masonry works with high strength requirements

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Properties of HPMC/MHEC in block laying adhesive 

  • Increase the bonding strength between blocks
  • Considering the water absorbent of blocks, using HPMC or MHEC in mortar, could increase the water retention of mortar to avoid cracking and enhance the strength.
  • Increase the workability, increase the efficiency.

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